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Happy president day essay 2017 || inspirational essay of president day|| Presidential Speech Essay 2017

Happy president day essay 2017: 

Hey there ! Welcome to the great president day blog and here I want to share something new today. First thing is this is the inspirational festival for all people who want to get inspiration. On president celebration is the send President wishes to other and party program etc. it is an official holiday in United States and legal. Several states honor presidents with official state holidays that do not fall on the third Monday of February. In Massachusetts, the state officially celebrates "Washington's Birthday" on the same day as the Federal holiday. Anyway here I gathered some Beautiful essay of President Day 2017 so red it first from below. George Washington is the first president of united states and this day is birthday of that people. I have also Best Picture Image of president Day 2017 if yyou want these then come to here "Top Best { **** #13+ } Hd Picture Image Of President Day 2017 || President day 2017 Hd Image" and get best ones.

Donald trump is the today’s president of United States and the previous president is barrack obama. Obama is half Muslim and half Christian. Donald trump is a also good man but he is against muslim people. By the way if you want to get some wishes of president day then visit our previous article but read first our essay featured below. you can also visit Quotes Wishes of president day then Share this article on social media and keep visiting. Thanx and have a nice day to all.
image of president day 2017
image of president day 2017

Top Speech & Essay  Of President Day 2017:

Improving the economic situation
For a long time, America is proud of having the most attractive and influential economy in the world; however, in the 21st century unlike before, population has tripled following high birth rate and doubled inflow of immigrants since America is a free and democratic nation. Therefore, the economy is experiencing a shock of providing enough jobs for over 300 million American nationals. The trend is unlikely to change unless we take the following dire measure.

Government in-conjunction with representatives must enact a statute to check on mismanagement of government resources. Few previous government regimes overspend and overstretched the treasury forcing government to raise taxes that in turn lowered household incomes.

My presidency promise to make credit available for institutions and individual Americans at a lowered tariff aimed to encourage growth of both small and medium business investors and multinational companies. International investors who were been keenly watching our dollar systems and wondering how the dollar was likely to pick up are amazed at the success and performance of our attractive capital markets investment policy that has seen a myriad of international competitive IPO sales for the first time since credit crunch hit America earlier in 2008.

Barack Obama Essay

On the day of the first inauguration to take place in this city, a small band of citizens gathered to watch Thomas Jefferson assume office. Our young and fragile democracy had barely finished a long and contentious election that tested our founding ideals, and there were those who feared our union might not endure.
It was a perilous moment. But Jefferson announced that while we may differ in opinion, we all share the same principles. “Let us, then, fellow citizens, unite with one heart and one mind,” he said, urging those assembled to begin anew the work of building a nation.
In the more than two centuries since, inaugurations have taken place during times of war and peace, depression and prosperity. Beneath the unfinished dome of the Capitol, a young lawyer from Illinois swore an oath to defend the Constitution a divided nation threatened to tear apart. In an era of unprecedented crisis, an optimistic New Yorker refused to allow us to succumb to fear. In a time of great change, a young man from Massachusetts convinced us to think anew with regard to serving our fellow man.
At each and every moment, the American people have joined with one heart and one mind - not just to commemorate a new president, but to celebrate those common ideals, share our hopes for a brighter future and resolve to advance our bold experiment.
Tomorrow, we’ll gather at a new time of great challenge for the American people. Our nation is at war. Our economy is in turmoil. We have much work to do toward restoring prosperity and renewing the promise of this nation.
And yet while our problems may be new, what is required to overcome them is not. What is required is the same perseverance and idealism that our Founders displayed. What is also required is that we break free from rigid ideology and small thinking, and together grab hold of this opportunity to bridge partisan divides and deliver change for the American people.


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