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[~Happy Teachers Day~] Quotes Wishes Images Messages in English Hindi & Marathi

Happy Teachers Day Quotes Wishes Images Messages in English, Hindi & Marathi- Teachers Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. World Teacher’s Day is observed on October 5 since 1994. Well talking about India, the day is celebrated every year on September 5. The birth Date of Second President of India Doctor Sarvepelli Radhakrishnan is celebrated on the same day.  This year the date will fall on Monday. The day is special day celebrated in honor of all the teachers. Teacher’s contribution towards a particular country is countless. Teachers are treated next to God and in India they are known as “Guru”.

Teachers Day Wishes-

Happy Teachers Day Wishes- On Teachers Day all the schools and colleges arrange the special program for all the teachers. They gather for giving thanks and express their gratitude towards their teachers. All the teachers and the students report to school as usual but the regular activities are replaced by celebrations and speeches. Scroll down to get Happy Teachers Wishes in English, Hindi & Marathi. Make your teacher feel special with Happy Teachers Day Quotes. Your Favourite teacher could be from any field like maths, science or even a language teacher. Send Teachers Day Wishes in all languages. Here we provide you with Teachers Day Messages in Hindi, English and Marathi.
No onê is ɱorê chêrishêd in this Шorld thӓn soɱêonê Шho lightêns thê burdên of ӓnothêr.
Thê têӓchêr Шho is indêêd Шisê doês not bid you to êntêr thê housê of his Шisdoɱ but rӓthêr lêӓds you to thê thrêshold of your ɱind.

Thê grêӓtêst sign of ӓ succêss for ӓ têӓchêr…is to bê ӓblê to sӓy, “Thê childrên ӓrê noШ Шorking ӓs if I did not êxist.”
Ӓ good têӓchêr is likê ӓ cӓndlê – it consuɱês itsêlf to light thê Шӓy for othêrs.

Têӓching is thê profêssion thӓt têӓchês ӓll thê othêr profêssions.

Ӓ giftêd têӓchêr is ӓs rӓrê ӓs ӓ giftêd doctor, ӓnd ɱӓkês fӓr lêss ɱonêy.

Teachers Day Quotes In English-

Teachers Day QuotesThis honorable day is celebrated in India since 1962. The contribution of the teachers towards the society is countless. All they teachers around the world take efforts for the brighter future of the country. The day commemorates respects of teacher towards a country. Teachers have always played an important role in life of a child. Right from his childhood to adulthood teachers have always been with them. The overall development of the person depends on her/his teachers. Teachers are strict outside and a great personality inside. They are capable to influence and mold a child’s life. They always teach us to choose the correct path and punish us so that we learn from our mistakes. As we grow up we leave our respective school or college and go for further education but we never lose touch we your teachers. Make your teachers feel special be sending Happy Teachers Day Quotes. These Quotes are available in English, Hindi & Marathi.

Thê bêst têӓchêrs têӓch froɱ thê hêӓrt, not froɱ thê book.
Thê ӓuthority of thosê Шho têӓch is oftên ӓn obstӓclê to thosê Шho Шӓnt to lêӓrn.

Thê ɱêdiocrê têӓchêr têlls. Thê good têӓchêr êxplӓins. Thê supêrior têӓchêr dêɱonstrӓtês. Thê grêӓt têӓchêr inspirês.
गुरु का महत्व कभी होगा न कम,
भले कर ले कितनी भी उन्नति हम,
वैसे तो है इंटरनेट पे हर प्रकार का ज्ञान,
पर अचे बुरे की नहीं है उसे

Guru teri Mahima kaa,
Varnan karu me kaise?
Varnan tera likhu toh,
Kagaj chota hoye!
Teachers day
Kya du tumhe Guru Dakshina,
Maan hi maan me sochu
Chukka na saku kaarz tumhara,
Jivaan saara deo!

Happy Teachers Day Messags-

Teachers Day Messages in Hindi- The day is celebrated by every teacher in remembrance of his favourite teacher. The day is celebrated to encourage and support the contribution of one’s teacher. In places like India teachers are treated next to God. They teach us to distinguish between good and bad. A Teacher nurtures a child, like his/her own child. The best part about teachers is they never differentiate anyone. There is no sign of partiality. The day marks as a day of gratitude and respect to the selfless efforts of teachers. The Second President of India doctor Radhakrishnan was a strong supporter of education. Your gratitude towards your teacher can be expressed in the best way with Happy Teachers Day Wishes and Messages. Make sure that you recollect every possible teacher of yours and send Teachers Day SMS to all of them. Search for Happy Teachers Day Messages in Marathi and send it even if your teacher is miles away.
आपल्यामुलेच आमही घडलो
आपणांस सादर वन्दनं
शिक्षक दिवश्च्या शुभेचछा
गुरुने दिला ज्ञानरूपी वसा
आम्ही चालवू हां पुढे वारसा
शिक्षकदिन निम्मित्त तुम्हाला
सादर वन्दनं
गुरू ब्रम्हा, गुरू विष्णु, गुरू देवो महेश्वरा
गुरू साक्षात परम्ब्रम्ह तस्मय श्री गुरूवनमः
हैप्पी टीचर्स डे
Tumne sikhaya ungali pakad kar chalna,
Tumne bataya kaise girne ke baad sambhalna.
Tumhari wajah se aaj hum pahunche is mukaam pe,
Guru Purnima ke din karte hain aabhar salaam ae.


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