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Top # 15+ SMS Wishes Of Happy Valentines Day 2018 || Valentines Day Special SMS Message

SMS Wishes Of Happy Valentines Day  2018-

Hi Friends....

We are again here with new sms for you friends. Valentine's Day will be celebrated on ever 14th of February,and Valentines Day week Started from 7th February. In my Previous post "15 Best Valentines Day Wallpapers 2018 Images Greetings for GF BF Husband Wife And Friends" best Valentines day images for you friend. now  this year 2018 all lovers are waiting of this amazing lovable day. It is the most beautiful day for couple all over the world. If You Want more than sms then from here you can go below and find out  " Best Valentine day sms 2017". And shared with your partner Romantic, Cute sms messages and wishes on this Valentine Day. And You Know your lovers are also waiting of your beautiful and attracting sms from your sides. If You Want other than Sms,Quotes, and Image of Valentine Day then go here and find out best one for your lovers . I hope all lovers enjoy this Valentines day 2018. once again "Happy Valentine's Day".  

best valentines Day sms
Valentines day 2018 Images

Some Special SMS Wishes Message of Happy Valentine's Day 2018- 

* I am so happy you are mine
  You bring light into my life. 
  You make my heart skip a beat.
  You give me butterflies in my stomach.
  You show me your love in so many ways.
  I'm so happy you're mine and I'm yours.
  Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart!

* You are the beat of my heart
  You are my love,
  You are my life,
  You are my everything.
  Your Love is the most wonderful thing,
  That ever happened to me.
  Happy Valentine's Day!

* Today is a perfect day to tell you
  Every day is brighter
  when I'm with you.
  Knowing I have you to love
  makes my life even more meaningful.
  Today is a perfect day to tell you that
  I'm so completely in love with you.
  Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

* You are my reason to live
  You're always in my heart.
  wherever I go.
  You're in my thoughts,
  more than you know.
  You are my life,
  my reason to live.
  Happy Valentine's Day my Love 

* Girl: How much do you love me?
  Boy: Look up at the sky.
  Girl: Don’t change the subject!
 Boy:Just do it!
 Girl: Alright! What am I looking at?
 Boy: Count how many stars there are.
 Girl: Impossible.
 Boy: So is explaining how much I love you.
My sweetest memory – UR msg!
   My biggest sadness – The distance!
  My biggest hope – i will see you soon!
  My strongest prayer – our relation continues 4ever.

* When I measured by miles you are far from me
  When I measured by thoughts you are closer to me
  When I measured by closed eyes, you are with me
 When measured by heart, you are in me.

U say u love me & want 2 hold me tight,
  Those words run thru my head day & night,
  I dreamt u held me & made me see,
  That Forever together we would be!
  I've got ur back n u've got mine,
 I've got ur back n u've got mine,
 I'll help u out anytime.
 2 see u hurt, 2 see u cry,
 Makes me weep n wanna die.
 I'll b right here, till the end,
 Coz ur my Love& My Best friend.

Sometimes I miss 2reply,
  Sometimes my msg doesn't reach u,
  But it doesnt mean I 4get u, bcoz. ur 1of a kind and always in my mind...

Give "LAUGH" 2 all
  But "SMILE" 2 1
 Give "CHEEKS" 2 all
 But "LIPS" 2 1
 Give "LOVE" 2 all
 But "HEART" 2 1
 Let Everybody "LOVE" u
 But U "LOVE" 1


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